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Black Mirror is a great sci-fi show but a really tough one to get into. Why? Because it is overwhelmingly bleak. Charlie Brooker’s show is unrelenting in its grim portrayal of how technology and entertainment have brought out and amplified some of the worst qualities in humanity. But hey, I like that kind of stuff! It doesn’t hurt that the show’s anthology format allows for some excellent performances and cool guest stars (the Christmas special had an awesome turn from Jon Hamm). A lot of people, my self included, came to the show thanks to its addition to the Netflix library, and now it looks like the premiere streaming service will be Black Mirror‘s full-fledged home.

Radio Times reports that Netflix has comes to terms with Brooker’s production company House of Tomorrow (one of my favorite Tex Avery cartoons) to exclusively host new episodes of the show. Considering the budgets and lengths of the episodes (the second episode “15 Million Merits” is basically a movie, and a damn good one), I’ll be interested to see how many episodes Netflix gets out of Brooker.

This is still great news for us Yanks since it means we’ll be able to see the new episodes sooner rather than later. The closest we’ve gotten over here to a Black Mirror-esque experience was this year’s Ex Machina (which stars Black Mirror alum Domnhall Gleeson!), and we can always use more stories like that. Hopefully we’ll be getting an airdate for these new episodes soon. Until then, it’s time to rewatch the show and throw myself into a crippling existential misery. Hooray!

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