Marvel’s Thor might be two years off, but because there are literally no other films for us to write about in the interim (except the ones starring, written or breathed upon by Seth Rogen) that leaves a lot of time to speculate upon which strapping blond actor might take on the hair extensions necessary to portray the Norse god.

Evidently Daniel Craig isn’t man enough to spend that much time in the on-set hair trailer. While promoting Quantum of Solace (the English post-screening buzz for which, sadly, is decidedly mediocre) Craig was asked about Thor. Evidently he’s been approached by Marvel but, as he told IESB, he turned the role down flat. His answer contained a crack about not wanting to be on a joint Bond/Thor power trip, but the reality probably isn’t that far off: with Thor set for 2010 (the same time frame provisionally set for Bond 23) and The Avengers set for 2011 any actor willing to play Thor will be committed to a whole lot of Marvel work for the better part of a year. That schedule will make the actor playing Thor a very busy guy, along with Robert Downey, Jr. and whoever is tapped to play Captain America.