While hunting for newsworthy items this morning, I came across an interesting piece by Variety blogger Tom McLean as to how the Superman theatrical franchise could be saved.  Basically he’s saying that stories should be taken from the best runs on comics books.  While that notion’s nothing new, he nonetheless highlights the work of Geoff Johns as the source from which inspiration for the next Supes flick should be derived.

So I’m flipping the script a little here.  I’m giving you, the Chewers, the chance to fill me in a little on this.  I know nothing about Geoff Johns’ work  But like you, I want a Kryptonian version of The Dark Knight.  I want a Superman movie worthy of the memory of Christopher Reeve.  And say what you want, I’d like Brandon Routh to continue what he started.  Bryan Singer is incidental in my book.  So is this guy McLean onto something here?