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Minor and as vague as possible spoilers for the season finale of The Flash.

I’m a sucker for CW’s The Flash. Though I’ll admit it has the trappings of many a CW production (babyfaced hunks and hunkettes, melodramatic romances, and a self-aware bit of snap), it also manages to bring great production value (for TV, and definitely for the CW), an energetic spirit, and a bear hug embrace of the source material’s crazier aspects. As someone who grew up as a DC fan, it’s been one of the best adaptations of their properties ever made.

And now, they are tickling my jimmies even more by playing to my horror fan heart. Tony Todd will be joining next season’s cast but in a very interesting role. He’ll be portraying the voice of Zoom.

Alright, if you haven’t watched The Flash, now’s when I’d stop reading and just leave with that exciting bit of news. Here’s where I get into some pure and unbearably geeky speculation and talk a bit about the season finale of the show. You’ve been duly warned.

Considering that Zoom is one of the many names given to the Reverse-Flash, it is possible that Eobard Thawne will return in some form. But, if they are going to play once again with the identity of the Reverse-Flash, could this not be the same Eobard Thawne we know? We’ve already seen that next season will start to dip into the idea of the Multiverse with Barry meeting up with Jay Garrick, the original Flash (but who has now been relegated to what is often called Earth-2. I warned you about the geekiness), so could this be an Eobard Thawne from that universe? Or could Zoom even end up being Eddie Thawne? His fate was certainly left open to some comic book finagling at the end of the season, so could he be returning as a villain?

Regardless, any opportunity to hear Tony Todd’s menacingly delicious voice is an opportunity worth taking. The Flash returns on October 6th. I might cave in to utter nerdiness and see about doing episode recaps like me and the excellent Andrew Hawkins are doing with The Strain. Would that be something you Chewers would be up for?

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