…if Liam Neeson has anything to say about it.  The Hollywood Reporter ran a story that both stars are tapped to headline the new thriller After.Life.  The film will tell the story of a young woman (presumably Ricci and not Neeson), caught in a life and death limbo who encounters a funeral director who may have the gift of helping the dead move on.  In the inevitable twist, however, the funeral director may be intent on burying her, dead or not.

Ricci, who most recently appeared in Speed Racer, is taking over from Kate Bosworth, who’s probably still hoping to suck in Man of Steel. Neeson most recently appeared in Prince Caspian.  The film is written and directed by the difficultly-named Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo and produced by Bill Perkins and Celina Rattray of Plum Pictures and Brad Gilbert of Constellation Entertainment.