Since its debut earlier this week, the Night of the Demons production blog hosted by Shock Till You Drop has featured updates from co-writer Jace Anderson and actress Tiffany Shepis.

In addition to hearing from the crew as they remake one of the all-time greats (that’s not sarcasm, I fucking love Night of the Demons and Night of the Demons 2 with a fiery passion), the production blog also features behind-the-scenes photos like this one depicting actress Bobbi Sue Luther being fitted with her demon teeth.

In Anderson’s latest post, the writer discusses what it is like to be on set and the changes that sometimes have to be made on the fly.

We’ve been lucky so far on Night of the Demons: the script is, for the most part, very close to our early drafts.  We made budgetary and production changes (combining locations, simplifying some setpieces, rewriting to the location we’re shooting in), reworked the exposition scenes and ending.  But the story structure, the characters, the dialogue: it’s still what we set out to do.   Unlike on other movies, our producers haven’t asked us to, say, rewrite the first act two days before shooting starts, or announced that one of the major setpieces has to go.  I don’t have a knot in my stomach worrying about a scene that I’m not happy with.  It’s a good feeling.

The aproximate three week shoot seems to have started out rather smoothly considering director Adam Gierasch and cinematographer Ron Levy evacuated New Orleans as Hurricane Gustav headed toward the city.

For all of the blog entries from Anderson, Gierasch, and other surprise guests, as well as behind-the-scenes photos (including a high resolution version of the one shown here) from the set, check out Shock Till You Drop.