It’s all in the title.

A month ago there was word that Nu Image was meeting with a metric ton of directors about their Conan reboot. One of them was Brett Ratner, which led to much gnashing of teeth over the idea that Ratner would style himself Crom and lord over Conan. Latino Review emphatically said the guy had not been offered the gig, it was only a meeting, chill out, Nu Image has got this.

Nu Image ain’t got shit. AICN’s Moriarty got a ‘very persuasive’ spy tip late last night from an insider who says that Nu Image and Lionsgate have, in fact, gone with Ratner to direct the cinematic return to Cimmeria. That’s all there is right now, though Moriarty takes pains to specify that this is not a remake of the Milius film, but an all-new take. Ground zero. Does that make you feel better? Thought not. 

UPDATE: I’ve been told by a couple of sources that Ratner as Conan helmer is a done deal. I believed that was the case, but threw ‘might’ in the title because Moriarty didn’t sound 100% in his piece. So get used to the idea. We’ll always have the Milius film. And the good news is that, while Ratner is doing this, he can’t get his hands on a lot of other movies you’d really not like him directing.