So after my other blog about what had happened to my face, and the walking pneumonia, I knew what I’d talk about next.  A big thanks to all of the gents who responded to my blog with their kind comments. I’ve got another blog that’s coming up that’s about the boards, as well as politics, and political beliefs.

Back on subject, while I was ill, and then when I had just suffered the Bell’s palsy, my Mother told me not to lose my faith in God, and to keep it. I told her that it wouldn’t. I believed that it was a test of my strength and my faith in God. I’m not about to go crazy and start cursing God for giving me this paralyzing effect on my face. I go about it rationally thinking, and remembering what the doctor told me. It’s rare that it would permanently affect my face, and that it would go away.

My parents aren’t religious maniacs. They do go to church every Saturday, and are very involved with the church (we’re Catholic), but they don’t force me to go to church all the time (I don’t go all that much I have to admit) but I’ve always believed that one doesn’t have to always attend church and in order to worship and believe in God, or whatever higher power they believe in.

My parents are great people. They’ve got the perfect balance of religion and rationality. My parents took me to see Jacob’s Ladder as well as Darkman at the age of 6 in the theater. I saw Black Rain at the age of 5. My parents didn’t really censor what I saw, and I still love that about them. Sure there were things they’d limit, like how many horror movies I saw in one sitting (I used to like to watch the marathons on USA Up All Night and TNT’s Monstervision. Man I wish they still showed those shows)

My Mother would read to me parts of her copy of The Stand, my favorite being of The Trashcan Man’s radioactive decay when he has the bomb. This was all the while when I was about 7. She knew that this interest I had in horror was something that wasn’t a bad thing, and instead of beating it out of me and making me recite from the bible, she as well as my father nurtured my liking. They still do. Just 2 weeks ago they went on a trip, and my Dad returned with a book entitled Spaghetti Nightmares for me. It’s a really awesome book by the way. Any horror fan should seek it out.

I’m truly thankful for having the parents that I have. I’m also thankful for the great balance in faith and rationality that they’ve bestowed in me.

Rene’s song of the day: “Midnight The Stars And You” by Al Bowley

Thanks for reading my blog and see you next time!