Last time we saw Homer’s The Odyssey thrown up on the screen, it was in highly reworked, nigh-unrecognizable form as the Coen Brother’s O Brother, Where Art Thou?. The next time you see it could be slightly less chewed-up, but no less outlandish: George Miller is set to adapt the epic poem starring Brad Pitt as Odysseus, and plans to transplant the action to outer space.


Warner Brothers has the project, and as Variety has it, the studio’s ‘early hope’ is that Miller will direct and Pitt will star. Miller directing doesn’t seem like a stretch, though it suggests that any lingering dissent over Justice League has been dealt with, if this project isn’t in fact the method of dealing with it. But Pitt…chances currently hold at about one in four that he’ll actually appear as Odysseus in the final project, though his Plan B shingle could still be the producing entity no matter what.

As for the basic concept — The Odyssey in space — sure, why not? This generation hasn’t quite had it’s own Outland yet, and this is far more fertile fodder than even High Noon.