The breakneck revival of ’80s toy properties continues apace, but one invented ‘mythology’ won’t be making cash for Warner Brothers. El Mayimbe at Latino Review reports that Greyskull, based on the Justin Marks script meant to revive the Masters of the Universe, is dead.

He cites a couple of problems, among which are disinterested execs with a shortlist of directors that were never going to touch this project. But the big issue is the departure of two guys from the Silver Pictures team: Navid McIlhargey and another unnamed chap, both of whom were instrumental in shepherding the project through the studio corral. Without them around to advocate for the project, it probably never had a chance.

El Mayimbe loves the script, which I haven’t read, but I can’t summon up much sadness for the passing of Greyskull. And even if the script languishes in Marks’s drawer until early next summer, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if another studio picked it up as the fervor for geek projects starts to rise again, as it does late every spring.