Gamerscore Blog is reporting that Portal: Still Alive will be next Wednesday’s Xbox Live Arcade title.

Last year Portal was a surprise hit for anyone that picked up The Orange Box, which was in itself one of the best deals in gaming ever. Despite the disc containing such incredible games as Half Life 2 and Team Fortress 2, the quirky, darkly funny puzzler stood out from the crowd and became an instant favorite. It was just so much fun to wield a portal gun and make your own way past puzzles and obstacles. Never mind the great twist in the game or the song (“Still Alive”) that became so popular that it was released as a free track for Rock Band.

When Portal was announced as a downloadable title for the XBLA, people were hoping for a new installment, but we’re just getting more of the same. The game will be exactly the same as the one you played last year, except that there will be 14 new exclusive challenge maps, and six advanced maps to “help guide you along the way”.  

The game’s going to cost 1200 points (15 bucks). Does that make much sense, since The Orange Box is going for around 30 dollars nowadays? Probably not. The game is short and sweet and while the challenge modes are fun the story’s the real meat of the game.

Still, this will be a good chance for more people to check it out. Here’s a message from GLADOS on the subject-