And it really begins! A whole slew of new pictures from Star Trek hit the web yesterday while  I was taking in one heckuva double feature*, and for the most part, the pictures are pretty heartening. Especially weirdly positive: Karl Urban as Bones. I mean, you can’t tell shit from just pictures, but the way he stands and looks really evokes the character for me. Chris Pine as Kirk is growing on me as well.

Less successful: Spock. I think that Zachary Quinto is shaping up to be the albatross around the Enterprise this time, unless he’s much better in action than he is in stills. Aint It Cool has a picture of Spock choking Kirk that’s just simply laughable. And they have ANOTHER picture, an outtake from the EW cover shoot, that also looks like a joke.

To see all the pictures (since unlike some blogs I won’t steal the images from the other sites that got them as exclusives, even though a day after the exclusive they’re probably fair game), click the links below:

AICN’s silly Spock!

UGO’s crew shot!

IGN’s ice planet!

JoBlo’s Romulan!

TrekMovie’s exploding USS Kelvin!

MTV’s bridge shot!

* Soul Men and Zack & Miri Make a Porno