There’s been nothing but praise for director Robert Eggers’ debut horror film The Witch coming out of Sundance, and this trailer looks like that praise is well-founded. The trailer alone feels unnerving and gets under my skin in a way I can’t quite quantify. It also looks gorgeous, and that’s always a plus when it comes to independent horror outings.

In fact, 2015 looks like it will be a year where independent horror completely trounced the mainstream offerings (until Crimson Peak comes out, I hope and pray). With offerings like It Follows (which Travis Newton and I both thoroughly enjoyed), CreepDark Was the NightWe Are Still Here, and upcoming fare like Goodnight MommySome Kind of Hate, Cub and Knock Knock, 2015 might prove to be a banner year for the genre.

The Witch sadly won’t make the official cut for 2015, as A24 has snagged it up for a release in 2016. The waiting begins… now.

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