I never did get to write down my impressions of Street Fighter IV at E3, where they had a great set-up with the Japanese arcade systems. While I loved the game and really dug the chance to be playing it on an arcade cabinet, I couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed. If you’ve played a Street Fighter game before, you’ll know exactly what to expect from this one…. besides the graphics and new characters it doesn’t bring a whole lot new to the table. Still, a little Street Fighter never hurt anyone. And what better way to get people excited about the game than a tournament?

During the show Capcom held their first “Street Figher Club” event out in LA during E3, where  hundreds of people showed up to compete in matches and win prizes. The next one is coming to NYC’s biggest borough (the currently hipster-overrun Brooklyn) on October 24th- next Friday. This event will feature the console version of Street Fighter IV, with its exclusive characters of Sakura and Akuma.

The first 250 registered attendees will receive a Street
Fighter Club
grab bag, including the exclusive NYC SFC t-shirt and
poster (designed for this event by Meat Bun), SFC soap,
laser-etched dogtags, Street Fighter comic books and other goodies.

We don’t know exactly where it is just yet, but to register for the event, go to sfc.streetfighter.com and sign up. You can bet I won’t be there… I got my ass handed to me pretty badly at E3 about 4 times in a row. My Street Fighter skills have seriously deteriorated over the years. But for those of you that still have it, this will be the best way to show it off to the world.