What the hell do the French know about busting ghosts?

After a month of rumors that Atari (owned by the French company Infogrames) might take over publishing duties for the Ghostbusters game (previously a Vivendi property, and orphaned when Activision bought that company) we’ve got word from none other than gaming insider Dan Aykroyd that the rumors are true.

Aykroyd told Dallas radio station 105.3 KLLI yesterday morning that Atari had picked up the game, and that it is about a year away. That’s good news for the guys who put a lot of work into the game for the past couple of years, and good news for players, as what I played at Comic Con was fine, but could use more refinement. Whether this or not will be the only continuation of the Ghostbusters story we get, ‘fine’ isn’t going to cut it. I hope content director Phil Harrison and the other folks at Atari have the patience to whip this one into shape before next fall.