This is probably the last piece I’ll write for quite a while about Let the Right One In. I feel like we’ve already jumped over the line between promoting something we feel is worth the effort and shoving it down your throat. While the intent on our part is always a lot more genuine than the more cynical commentors guess, I don’t want to burn anyone out on this movie.

Besides, I’m right there with most of you. I haven’t seen the acclaimed Swedish vampire movie yet, either, so I’ve only got the same opinions to rely on as everyone else. Granted, I’ve been excited to see the film since the first images arrived many months ago, so it was never a hard sell.

All that is a long way to say, ‘hey, here’s a new red band trailer’. This clip is a little more gory than others, but hardly adults-only. I can’t even say that it dodges into spoiler territory, but there’s nothing here that makes me feel like I’ve seen too much. More than anything else, I couldn’t escape the ironic and inevitable comparisons to the recent Twilight trailer. I’d love to know what miniscule percentage of that audience crosses over to this movie.

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