zorro wallpaper

I’ve been anxious about revisiting The Mask of Zorro. I haven’t seen it since it came out in theaters, but I remember absolutely loving it. Being a lifelong Batman fan, getting to see one of the Caped Crusader’s most influential inspirations on the big screen opened up a whole new world of pulp adventure to me. I never saw the sequel, The Legend of Zorro, but from what I’ve gathered from the popular consensus, I’m not missing much. (It’s been described to me as a The Mummy Returns kind of sequel, and that’s more than enough to keep me away)

It’s fair to say that Zorro has been itching to return to our pop culture landscape (has anyone read the Isabel Allende book? I was told very mixed things about it), but I never expected it to be like this. THR reports that Zorro Reborn will be the swashbuckling rogue’s next theatrical incarnation, and the twist being put on it is a post-apocalyptic one. Yes. Zorro Reborn is making a grab at that Mad Max: Fury Road fever. Looks like our own Doomsday Reels might have a future entry on its hands.

This sounds exceedingly dumb. Zorro is pulpy and suave, and trying to apply that to a decimated world sounds severely misguided (read: producer’s idea). I’m sure The Lone Ranger put the kibosh on a lot of older properties making a comeback to the screen, but does that mean that these older characters are going to have to go the route of something as doofy as Phantom 2040?

No director is attached yet. I nominate Brett Ratner so I know I don’t need to see this.

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