I’ve been chuckling over the look on Spock’s face for a little while now. There are two things wrong with Spock on the cover of Entertainment Weekly: his expression is one of confusion, as opposed to that classical one-raised-eyebrow thing, and his haircut makes him look like he’s home schooled. It’s such a subtle thing, but the way that his bangs are cut gives Zachary Quinto a real Dumb & Dumber look. Compare it with photos of Spock from the original series.

Chris Pine just looks handsome. And a little blank.

This issue of EW will hit mailboxes on Friday, and it’s probably got more photos on the inside – finally the goods I’ve been waiting for! I’m sure we’ll get lots of dissection of the costumes (which are the same, but a little changed, as you can tell from the collar on Spock’s tunic) and sets. In the meantime, I’m just going to keep imagining Spock making the most annoying sound in the world….

via Just Jared