I see Quantum of Solace on Saturday in preparation for interviews on Sunday. I’m excited to see the film, but also concerned. The movie clocks in at about an hour and forty minutes, making it the shortest Bond film by far, and judging by the sizzle reel I was shown in London a couple of weeks back, it’s jam-packed with action. There were a dizzying number of chases, fights and explosions in that footage, much of it taking place on different continents and with different opponents. What I liked about Casino Royale was how much time it spent on the characters; with this much action and this short a running time, can Quantum of Solace do the same?

As if to allay these fears, two new talky clips from the film have shown up online. Both not only feature Bond having meaningful chats, they both also play up the tight continuity between this film and the last one (Solace begins right after the conclusion of Casino Royale). First up is Bond and M talking about vengeance. You can see that clip right here.

Taking place after that scene (which has an awesome resolution, if what I pieced together from the sizzle reel is correct), Bond finds himself in some trouble with MI6 and looking to double agent Mathis for some help. You can see that clip here.