D23 continues to dole out the Star Wars goodies, and another one is our first look at the main cast from Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One:


This looks like it could have existed in Ridley Scott’s Alien. I like it! Grimy, roguish, and very off-base from what we expect from mainstream Star Wars efforts. Although I know/fear that the Star Wars Anthology films will devolve into unwanted explorations into the pasts of characters like Han Solo, Boba Fett and others, this first entry has my interest immensely peaked. There will be no Jedi in the film, or even the Force. It’s all going to focus on this ragtag group of bounty hunters who steal the plans for the first Death Star. From this photo, it definitely looks like Gareth Edwards is bringing his grounded visual style to the Star Wars universe, and that has me excited. Even better news is that Mads Mikkelsen and Alan Tudyk have been confirmed as cast memebers. This movie gets better and better with every news nugget we hear about it!

Let’s enjoy these little deviations from the Star Wars norm before we eventually get to the movie that tells us about how Yoda’s dad was never there for him, and how Yoda lost the girl of dreams because he was too focused on his Jedi training.

God, please don’t let a Disney executive read that.

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