drew struzan force awakens

There it is.

As someone who has lamented about modern movie posters before, it gives me joy to see a poster like this. Though it is essentially just a conglomeration of actors, there’s two things that set this apart from other posters of its ilk.

1) It’s Drew Struzan. Not only do I love him because he’s my namesake, but there’s this pulpy class that he brings to these kinds of pieces. If you haven’t already, definitely check out the documentary about him, Drew: The Man Behind the Poster.

2) This poster actually has some great symmetry and theming going on. The poster is divided in half and shows both light and dark, the Resistance’s X-wings and The First Order’s TIE fighters (which are awesomely silhouetted inside Kylo Ren’s cloak).. Even the lightsabers (which, by the way, Finn is using Luke’s/Anakin’s old lightsaber!) mirror each other, with Daisy Ridley’s Rey spliting everything down the middle. Could this be a hint at her role in the picture? I know you Star Wars obsessives will find a way to turn it into one! That’s why I love you.

And hey, nobody can make Harrison Ford look better than Drew Struzan. This is a D23 exclusive poster, so it’s probably not going to be the official one-sheet. Here’s hoping that they got Struzan to paint that as well.

December 18th. You know where you’ll be.

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