I don’t know what dirt Capcom has on Milla Jovovich, but it’s enough to get her to appear in yet another of the company’s video games turned films: Clock Tower.*

Bloody Disgusting is confirming the news, which they broke last week, and…yeah. OK. Why not? The games are very much based on avoiding danger and solving puzzles, which could make for a fairly passive movie experience, but that could be a welcome change from the last couple Resident Evil movies, which I actively hated.

This is odd, however, because Brittany Snow was said as recently as last month to be headlining the picture, and she’s much more in line, age-wise with the lead character Alyssa Barron, which B-D is saying now belongs to Jovovich. (Alyssa is 18;  Snow is 22; Jovovich is 32.) Not that age has ever stopped any 30-year old from playing a high school kid before.

The Weinstein Company film will be directed by Martin Weisz and feature some amalgamation of elements from all four video games in the Clock Tower series, including the villain Scissorman, for which Weisz is said to be actively revisiting Dead Again and The Big Lebowski, and commissioning a remake of an old Nina Simone song.

*Obviously Capcom has nothing to do with the negotiations, and only became publisher of the series late in the game and has only actively developed the ‘spiritual sequel’ Haunting Ground, but it’s still a common thread. Run with it.