Sometimes I forget how lucky I am. I first saw Header a year and a half ago (review here), but the movie still hasn’t been released. The adaptation of the Ed Lee story of the same name is a damn good film, but not exactly one for everyone.

You do know a header is… don’t you?

If you’ve never heard of the author of the original story, there’s probably a reason for that. While Ed Lee has gotten some more mainstream success lately (and even a mass market paperback novel through Leisure) he’s pretty much the definition of “underground”. That’s mostly because his books are so sick and disgusting, usually in disturbingly sexual ways. It’s also why he’s got a big fanbase of sick bastards like me who love his work.

Header is no exception. There’s no two ways about it, no one’s released it because no one had the balls to touch it. No one, that is, except the great guys over at Synapse Films. Fango got the scoop on the release, which will hit soon in an uncut format.

We’re very excited,” Synapse’s Jerry Chandler tells Fango. “I’m a big Ed Lee fan, and I turned Don [May Jr., president of Synapse] on to his work. This was perhaps the ultimate unfilmable Ed Lee story; many considered the novella impossible to turn into a movie, and these two gentlemen pulled it off. Not only does it hold true to all the horror and gore of the source, but they pulled it off remarkably well. It’s quite an achievement. We love these guys, because they’re so dedicated to Ed’s work, and we love Ed himself as a person and a writer. I’ve never been so proud to release a movie before.”

Special features have yet to be announced, but Synapse never slacks in that department. We’ll let you know more as we hear it, but definitely keep an eye (or a head) out for this one.