According to the kids over at Coming Soon, director Gary Winick, most recently of the upcoming man-fest Bride Wars, and episodes of Ugly Betty and Lipstick Jungle has just signed on to direct Summit Entertainment’s Rat Bastard

Scripted by Heather McGowan (Winick’s Tadpole), Rat concerns a con man who seeks revenge from a former partner who stole from him and is hiding out as a chef for a family in New York’s Upper East Side.
  Ellen Barkin and Caroline Kaplan are producing the script, soon to be rewritten by Niels Mueller (also Tadpole) through their Applehead Pictures shingle. 

I wish I had more news, but I haven’t seen a thing this guy has done and I know next to nothing about him.  Not exactly the most earth shattering story of the day to be sure.  Hmm, let’s see, Winick did direct Jennifer Garner in 13 Going on 30.  Here’s a link to her website where there’s lots of interesting facts and tidbits about her, Ben Affleck, and baby Violet.  Enjoy.