Rather than going with the obvious go-to money shots of Katherine Heigl’s cleavage or Gerard Butler’s torso, which would pull in enough tickets from both sides of the gender fence to at least cover marketing costs, the producers of the upcoming romantic comedy, The Ugly Truth have chosen to keep things simple with the cleverly apt one sheet to the immediate right to promote their movie.

Directed by Robert Luketic (21, Monster-In-Law), the film has Heigl portraying a romantically hard-up morning show producer who finds herself going through a series of love trials at the goading of her chauvanistic correspondent (Butler) in order to disprove his sexist theories on relationships.  The results of which you can probably guess.

In unrelated news, Heigl decided to keep her name off of the upcoming One Sheet Awards because she didn’t feel that the poster gave her enough to do to warrant a nomination.