leonardo dicaprio martin scorsese

If you haven’t read Devil in the White City, do yourself the greatest of favors and pick up a copy. The story of the 1893 World’s Fair and the concurrent murders of serial killer H.H. Holmes is one of the best true stories in American history. It’s a story that has been begging to be adapted for the screen, and it looks like that day has finally come.

THR says that Scorsese will be directing Devil in the White City once everything involving Silence is in the can, and Scorsese will be bringing along his modern day Bobby D, Leonardo DiCaprio, to play serial killer H.H. Holmes.

This is unbearably perfect. Holmes was known to be an incredibly charming individual, which makes his intricate killings all the more twisted. I’m really loving the roles DiCaprio has been taking during this stage of his career, and diving head-on into one of American history’s most demented figures sounds like it could be a landmark role for the former star of The Basketball Diaries. And any new Scorsese is cause for celebration. Even his lesser movies are leagues above most films.

The book is also filled with other notable historical figures, so the casting game will be a fun one to play with this one. All I know is that this movie can’t get made any sooner. Get excited about this one, Chewers.

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