From Lucasfilm comes this new image from the movie that is going to redefine the term “blockbuster”:

star wars force awakens nazi

We already know that the Galactic Empire has mutated into The First Order inĀ The Force Awakens, and this image only helps to solidify how much J.J. Abrams is embracing the Nazi origins of Lucas’ evil organization. Eagle-eyed viewers will notice some new AT-ATs in the top right corner, but I’m way more enticed by how Nazi-fied the Empire really has become. Nazis have always made for fantastic villains (they’re indefensibly awful and have the added bonus of being fashionable fascists), and I’m hoping that the Empire… er, The First Order (The Third Reich, anyone?) has become as insanely ideological as Hitler’s old buddies.

The Force Awakens becomes the highest grossing film of all time on December 18th.

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