I’ve made no secret of disagreeing with JJ Abrams’ serious secrecy regarding his Star Trek prebootmake, so if that veil is about to lift, I can only applaud him. And according to TrekMovie, we’re about to see some actual Star Trek footage and information in November.

The site has received word that Paramount is planning a trailer in November; since neither of Paramount’s releases that month seem perfect for the trailer (Madagascar 2, The Soloist), rumor has it that we may see the Enterprise attached to another studio’s film (possibly Quantum of Solace). TrekMovie says that the trailer will include footage of the Enterprise, footage of the bridge and dialogue, but they don’t mention whether we’ll see the actors. Could this be a trailer where the camera sweeps the familiar-yet-new ship and bridge while audio clips play over the images?

The larger press push for the film will also start in November, with the cast starting to do interviews with major magazines. Expect to see images – let’s hope for uniforms in the not-too distant future – and possibly the beginning of a viral campaign in the coming weeks.

I’m glad that the film is going to be getting a big push minus secrecy. Star Trek is a damaged brand, and I think the more lead time Paramount’s able PR teams get to repair that damage in the eyes of the general public, the better. While I remain endlessly skeptical of Abrams’ obsession with secrecy, I am ready to really get behind this film if it promises to restore this film franchise to what it once was.