As Quentin Tarantino’s WWII movie Inglorious Basterds starts to roll (shooting began on the 9th) we’ve learned about a few extra cast members, thanks in part to papers in Germany and the reporting of a couple of sites.

Most prominent among them is Julie Dreyfus, aka Kill Bill‘s Sophie Fatale, who’ll appear as Francesa Mondino, a woman who acts as the Germans’ French interpreter, as reported by the Quentin Tarantino Archives.

Also in the list is a pair of Death Proof vets: Michael Bacall (also the Scott Pilgrim screenwriter for Edgar Wright) and Omar Doom, both of whom were partnered up with Eli Roth in scenes from Tarantino’s half of Grindhouse. They’re most likely Basterds, though most of the major speaking parts in that squad have already been spoken for.

Finally, The Playlist, which has been fiendish in laying out cast details for Basterds, picked up more info from a few overseas sources: German actor Christian Berkel is in the cast as a Frenchman, which the site theorizes to be Perrier LaPadite, who plays into the film’s opening scene. And they note that August Diehl has been seen at cast dinners in Germany, so it stands to reason that he’ll be in costume as one of the Germans as well.