I don’t know where the consensus with Zoolander stands, but I’m quite fond of the brilliantly stupid 2001 comedy. Am I worried that the sequel will disappoint? Of course. Great comedy sequels are about as frequent as my sexual escapades, so I’m not going to throw my hat in with 2oolander (there’s that brilliant stupidity) just yet.

But this is a nifty little tease. I’m a big fan of Stephen Hawking’s forays into comedy, and I like how the trailer reveals itself with visual gags such as the definition of “eugoogly” (1. a speech that praises someone who has died, especially in a gas fight) and a “no left turn” sign. And the whole back and forth about the silly title name gave me a giggle.

I’ll reserve a lot of judgment for when we get to see a real trailer, but as far as tone and attitude are concerned, it looks like 2oolander is on the right track. Now just show me Billy Zane and I’ll be unable to maintain any objectivity towards this movie.

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