Clocking in only about 12 years fashionably late with his own volcano disaster (romantic comedy…same thing) flick, Cameron Crowe is hard at work on his until-recently hush hush new movie starring Ben Stiller and Reese Witherspoon.

The untitled adventure comedy has Stiller starring as disgraced weapons consultant Brian Gilcrest who has to journey to Hawaii to launch an advanced spy satellite in response to an unspecified impending threat from China, but apparently something different than their next batch of preschool gymnasts.

The Islanders, of course, are all for helping out, as long as their Hawaiian gods are down.  This shouldn’t be a problem for Gilcrest, as long as he can make good with one little quid pro quo the gods demand: tossing a sacrifice into the erupting volcano.  What’s even more diabolical is that, somewhere along the way, Gilcrest runs into former flame, Traci (Witherspoon) and her family and has to deal with the one that got away as he goes on a journey of self-discovery on the island.  Now all Tom Hanks / Meg Ryan volcano flick jokes aside, this is about as out there as anything I’ve heard in a while, but I can certainly keep an open mind where Crowe is concerned.  Here’s just hoping Traci and family run into a certain large pilot-eating monster in the woods during the opening credits so we can get to the more interesting stuff right away.