The truth is that my expectations for Punisher War Zone are so very, very low that the new clip on that film’s website – a clip measuring but one minute of footage – has met and exceeded those expectations many times over. I don’t know what the story is behind this minute of footage, but in those 60 seconds, Frank Castle shoots and kills a whole bunch of dudes. If the kills per minute of this clip continues throughout the course of the film, and if you measure a movie’s quality in body count, Punisher War Zone could be better than Lawrence of Arabia.

The clip, which plays as soon as the film’s site loads, is also notable for a message from Lexi ‘I have not yet been fired after all’ Alexander, who sounds actually sort of psyched about the film. Whether or not this is Stockholm Syndrome we’ll never know, but this intro does kind of indicate that Alexander may do some press for the film and may give us the inside scoop on all the major rumors that have been flying around the movie the last few months.

Click here to watch Frank Castle cap mufuckers.