Setting a sequel in Africa is risky business. The Ventura Gambit doesn’t always pay off; sure, it’s fun to exploit an exotic setting and milk some fish-out-of-water material, but there’s also the danger of “doing the same exact thing, but in Africa.”  And that’s not even getting into the more sensational reasons for setting a sequel in Nantucket rather than Nairobi.

From the looks of the newly released trailer, even if Resident Evil 5 is a disaster, at least it’s going to be beautiful.  The  Windows*-inspired headbursters from Resident Evil 4 make a glorious comeback, as do gargantuan water monsters and other familiar parasites. Sure, there’s plenty of terrible dialogue, and Neo makes an awkward and unwelcome appearance, but let’s try and focus on how good the monsters look:

Somewhere in heaven, Del Lago is smiling. 

Reports from the Tokyo Game Show suggest that this iteration of the
franchise will emphasize FPS-style action. Whether
or not that's a good thing re
mains to be seen.

*The radio operator, not the operating system.