People were excited earlier this year when Louis Leterrier revealed that Captain America would indeed be seen in a deleted scene on the Incredible Hulk DVD. Now that the disc is in the hands of reviewers, people have been scouring the scene where Bruce Banner travels to Antarctica, hoping to see Cap and his mighty shield. Quite a few have said he’s just not there at all, but Film School Rejects begs to differ…not that what they did see amounts to much.

Not really the ‘frozen in ice’ image people were hoping for, is it? Kinda looks like a grey blob…I guess that’s meant to be the shield to the upper right of the figure lying in the snow. Perhaps in the BluRay transfer we’ll be able to see more detail, if in fact that is Cap. In short, this is a miniscule teaser, and tells you nothing about Marvel’s casting plans for the character. Not that there was any reason to expect anything else.

Film School Rejects has the full frame, to give you the whole context.

UPDATE: /Film readers linked to a higher-quality grab, and a fan-embellished version of the shot, which might clarify the cameo, or might just incite more derision against comic-con fanboys with nothing better to do.