Zergling farmers around the world rejoiced at BlizzCon’s announcement that StarCraft 2 will be released as a trilogy, with each race getting its own installment.  According to Blizzard VP Rob Pardo, the subsequent two releases will be “…separate products.  Look at the next two as expansion packs, but will have the feel of stand alone products.”  The installments include:

Wings of Liberty – Terran
Heart of the Swarm – Zerg
Legacy of the Void – Protoss

It’s an unsurprising move given the success of Blizzard’s other expansion packs, although it sounds like Pardo’s trying to de-emphasize “expansion pack” and push a more episodic approach.  Questions remain:  Will the campaigns focus entirely on the featured race?  Will multiplayer be affected for players who own different campaigns? Will Wings of Liberty get a release date prior to Mayan Doomsday? 

No matter what, it’s great to finally be getting a new StarCraft from Blizzard, even if it did take twelve years.