It is a sad state of affairs when the buzz surrounding a studio slasher film increases because news breaks that the MPAA gave the movie an R-rating. Such is the case with Lionsgate’s My Bloody Valentine 3D, which has been given an R-rating for “graphic, brutal horror violence and grizzly images throughout, some strong sexuality, graphic nudity and language,” according to Bloody Disgusting. Saying that the film will be good because it has an R-rating is like saying Sarah Palin won the debate because nobody in the audience suffered a brain aneurism when she spoke.

Bloody Disgusting also point out that “it is said that [the film’s] new 3-D technology is going to be mind-blowing, featuring more depth than ever before.”

I want to know who said that and why they would make such a irresponsible statement. If the technology is so fucking mind-blowing, we can’t afford to have it slip into the wrong hands. What if the good citizens of Alaska drop their guard and Vladimir Putin flies in and steals the magic of cinema?

My Bloody Valentine opens in mind-blowing 3D on the most romantic day of the year– January 16, 2009.