In other political video game news….

Running With Scissors, creators of the Postal series and never a company to shy away from controversy, has launched a new poster campaign. This is the first, entitled “Postal Bama Dude and his running mate Pit Palen Bull Champ”.

“Posters are a powerful medium. From politics to movies to your favorite musical group, young and old people around the world have been infected by this unique art form,” announced Running With Scissors’ CEO and Presidential Moderator Vince Desi. “So now with no pride in our politically correct system I’m announcing our endorsement of the new RWS POSTAL POSTERS campaign. My friends, let me tell you about the latest addition to the POSTAL POSTER campaign…

“My friends, [*WINK*] in classic RWS maverick style, our posters go beyond the usual clichés and express the sense of humor so desperately needed in the world today, you betcha! Now that’s what I’m talkin bout [*WINK*]!”

Gotta love those guys, even if their games aren’t exactly up to par (understatement). Let’s hope they can work a bit more on the gameplay for Postal 3, cause the game looks like it has potential. The coolest looking new weapon, by far, is the angry badger. It’s strapped to an harness and you whip it out to maul anyone who gets too close to you.

Chainsaws are for wusses. Check their official site for more posters, including riffs on everything from Indiana Jones to Scarface.