Seth Rogen is tackling the C word. No, not Sarah Palin – it’s worse than that.


Rogen is producing I’m With Cancer, an autobiographical comedy written by Will Reiser, and he’ll be taking a co-starring role as well. Reiser, a producer on Da Ali G Show and Best Week Ever found out he had cancer when he was 25. I’m assuming he hasn’t yet died from it, as he’s written this spec. Or maybe he did die and this is going to be the Brian’s Song of cancer comedies.

If the film can stay clear of maudlin bullshit, I’m With Cancer could be really intriguing. And I like seeing Rogen putting his muscle behind a project like this; when I talked to him on the set of mall cop comedy Observe and Report, Rogen said that he felt it was important for someone in his position to help other talented people get places. I like that attitude.

What I do worry about is the degree of Rogen Exposure. Is it too high? Are we being overRogened? He’s a terrific talent and an almost impossibly nice, down to earth guy, but backlashes are rarely based on reason. I want to see Seth continue to sit at the top and not be pulled down for the crime of working hard and often.