“Man, we still got this Baywatch licence. Should we do something with it? Remember, it was once the most watched television series on Earth!”
“Just for shits and giggles, I’ll offer this to, say, Dwayne Johnson” (phones Dwayne Johnson)
“Did he tell you what The Rock is cooki-”
“Dude, he’s in! We actually got Dwayne Johnson for this! He said he’ll need to check first whether it interferes with his shoot of that arcade adaptation with those giant gorillas, but he seems to be in!”
“Great catch! But who’s going to fill out our red swimsuits?”
“Let’s go for Olivia Munn, Amanda Seyfried, Bella Thorne, Alexandra Daddario, Alice Eve, Alison Brie. And obviously…”
“Kate Upton!”
“Kate Upton, obviously. And, to make it even funnier, Melissa McCarthy!”
“So, Phil Lord and Chris Miller are directing this, right?”
“Sadly, no. They’re busy.”
“Okay then, what about Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg? Jon Favreau? Jonathan Liebesman should be free, right?”
(phones) “Even better. Get this: we can get the director of Horrible Bosses
“Seth Gordon? Wow, I mean, wo-how-ow. He made that Criterion classic Identity Thief
“And don’t forget about his masterpiece, Four Christmases
“Dude, we are both going to be Dan Bilzerians after this!”

This is actually happening.