The new Twilight trailer was set to premiere on television tonight, and still has done so, but in the meantime a YouTube version is already available. While I’m far less ignorant about Stephanie Meyer’s teen vampire books than I was a few months ago, I’m no more interested in them now. Director Catherine Hardwicke (Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown) is almost enough to get my ass in the seat, and from what we can see here I’m interested in some of her visual choices for the movie. The opening in particular might really capture the visual atmosphere of rural Washington state. (Then again, so did Twin Peaks, so I guess I’m set on that front.) 

But the CW pacing doesn’t add much. (What else did I expect? That’s the movie’s audience.) Nor does the very surface-level description of what’s going on in the story. More than wanting to see Twilight, this trailer made me ready to watch the first two Blade movies again, and I’d infinitely rather see Let the Right One In than the lot of ‘em.

Do yourself a favor: after watching the trailer, go read the comments on YouTube. Puts the whole thing in perspective.