As much as we have all enjoyed Daniel Craig’s stripped down, no nonsense version of 007, it was only a matter of time before Britain’s best secret agent started to make his way back to more familiar territory. Sam Mendes began that journey in Skyfall and it looks like he’ll be completing it with Spectre.

There’s a lot of classic looking Bond stuff in this trailer (impressive vehicular mayhem, insane stunt work, a badass henchman, and was that a glimpse at an evil lair near the end?), the most recognizable being the organization SPECTRE itself, headed up by Christoph Waltz as Totally Not Blofeld You Guys. Honestly, if they really do stick to their casting sheet and Waltz isn’t playing Blofeld (he’s listed as Franz Oberhauser, a name which links to Bond’s past in the books), I’ll actually be disappointed. He was rocking that supervillain suit at the end when he said he was, “the author of all your pain.” The only other candidate for Blofeld would seem to be Andrew Scott, recently known for playing a Joker-ized version of Moriarty on Sherlock, but I’d be surprised if that guy gets to put his stamp on two of England’s most noteworthy bad guys.

I’m not a huge Bond fan, but I’ve really enjoyed Daniel Craig’s run and seeing as this entry is meant to be his penultimate outing as 007, I’m hoping for the best. I also hope that the next iteration of Bond allows for more standalone adventures, as Craig’s films are all falling into their own little series that will prove less accessible as time marches on. You won’t be able to just drop in anywhere you want (except maybe with Skyfall, but all the M stuff won’t carry as much weight), and that’s something I kind of admire about the Bond series.

Spectre opens on October 26 for all you Redcoats. Us Yanks have to wait until November 6.

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