A little while back I raised some hackles when I said that physical storage media was dead and that it was all about digital downloads. Every time I turn around I feel more and more like I was correct. Today’s sign that streaming/downloading is the future: Richard Linklater’s brilliant Slacker is available on Hulu for free. In its entirety.

Yeah, I won the Criterion of this movie. And when I upgrade to HD, I’ll buy an HD version of it. And when I upgrade to whatever’s next, I’ll invest again. The movie’s that good. But now the movie has entered a new place, one where lots and lots of people who would never otherwise experience it will have a chance to see it. Is it the ideal presentation? Duh, of course not. But 90% of the time you don’t need the ideal presentation. If you grew up watching movies on VHS and shitty prints shown on late night TV, you’ll understand that concept.

Anyway, Slacker – for free and streaming online. It’s pretty cool.