I come to you as an evangelist for Tim League and his crew of Fantastic Fest freaks – if they’re putting on an event, I’ll bet you that it’s going to be good.

This Halloween, Fantastic Fest will be doing a special party centering around The Shining. They’ll be heading to Portland’s Timberline Hotel, where Stanley Kubrick shot the exteriors for his film, and they’ll be having dinner, cocktails and ‘entertainment’ for the folks who want to come be part of the fun. That fun will be formal, and they’re encouraging people to dress up in 1920s outfits; there will be a prize for the best period costume.

And if you’re a VIP guest, you’ll spend the night in the Timberline and have a ‘special’ viewing of The Shining on your hotel TV. I wonder what kind of strangeness League has up his sleeves for this one.

Tickets go on sale Friday – it’s 25 bucks for The Gold Room package (dinner, drinks, entertainment and a limited edition poster) and a hundred bucks for the VIP, which includes the overnight stay. Note that the VIP is designed for couples (or duos anyway) who want to stay, as the full room rate is 200 bucks. Ie, you’ll either need a friend to come with or pay 200 total (regular room rates – without all the extras – are 220 at the Timberline. Good deal).

Go to www.shiningparty.com for all the details. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it, for purely monetary reasons, but I’m going to do my best. Like I said, if Tim League is putting on a party, it will be worth attending.

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