Time to make some more people hate me and find a new way for them to discredit my opinions: I liked the first season of Fargo more than the feature film. Don’t take that to mean that I dislike the feature film, but I found last year’s season to be one of the most engaging, humorous, sad and badass television shows of all time. The film is still great, but man that first season.

So I’m giddy with anticipation for the new season, and this trailer gives us plenty to chew over. I’m getting a True Detective season two vibe with the story’s main cast expanding and a much broader examination of the world that these characters inhabit. For me, that’s all positive stuff, especially with such a stellar cast to look forward to.

I’m sure that this season will be facing the same uphill battle as True Detective as well, thanks to putting out a first season that became must-watch television. But I have nothing but faith in creator Noah Hawley and his trip back in time to 1979. The only bummer with this trailer is that we didn’t get a peek at Bruce Campbell portraying our 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan. But maybe that’s a treat best left for broadcast.

Fargo season two cuts off our ears this October.

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