We first told you about it back here, but the release details for Vigilante 8 Arcade have finally been confirmed. Here’s a new trailer that shows off just how much of a graphical uplift the game has received. It almost looks like a new installment, if it weren’t for all those familiar locations. The ski slope, the greenhouse, the giant industrial plant. So many great memories of blowing shit up!

And would you look at that, the return of our old friend splitscreen! Very, very nice.

The game’s going to cost the standard 800 points and will feature all the same modes as the original, with the addition of a new one (Free Wheelin’, where you can drive around an arena with no enemies and hunt down “alien artifacts”) and of course the online deathmatch and co-op modes. There will be new characters (cars) besides the standard 8 that came in the original, as well.

See you guys online in this on November 5th!