I was surprised and impressed by the footage from The Unborn that screened at Comic Con this summer, and much of that footage has found its way into the trailer for the January release. The movie is the latest directorial effort from David Goyer (who gets credited in the trailer with Batman Begins and The Dark Knight but not, for some reason, Blade: Trinity), and it’s about a ghost fetus* who really wants to be born.

There were some really great monster images in the Comic Con footage that didn’t make the trailer, but the dog wearing a mask, which I loved, is in there. As is Gary Oldman getting beat up by a ghost and Idris Elba possibly beating up a ghost (we can’t see who he is pummeling). I’m intrigued by the footage I’ve seen, and am kind of excited to get a look at the whole film.

By the way, if the idea of a ghost baby wanting to be born intrigues you, my friend Brian Collins at Horror Movie A Day (the original site for watching a new horror movie every day, and not just at Halloween time) recommends a film called Rise of the Dead, which has a Freudian ending so bizarre it apparently needs to be seen to be believed. Click here for his review.

*although I can’t wait to see the movie and find out if they explain why the ghost fetus has the appearance of a six year old.