xena warrior princess shrug

I never watched Xena: Warrior Princess or the show it spun out of, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. It was always something that my parents seemed to have on at one point or another, and even though the mythological subject matter was right up my alley, I never gave the shows the time of day. Later in life when I found out that the guys behind The Evil Dead were the masterminds behind the shows, I felt like I had possibly missed a nice slice of goofy television fun.

According to THR, I might have another swing at that fun. NBC is currently trying to get a Xena reboot up and running, and series star Lucy Lawless is pushing hardest for this to happen. That leads me to believe that the show isn’t so much a reboot as it is a mini-revival like lots of other shows are currently undergoing (I’m dragging ass through season four of The X-Files. It’s my fault, not the show’s). Although I never paid any attention to Xena, I’ve loved Lucy Lawless in almost everything else I’ve seen her in. From Battlestar Galactica to Spartacus to a brief stint on Curb Your Enthusiasm, Lawless has always been charming and badass, not to mention otherworldly in her beauty. I’m sure that her upcoming appearance in Ash vs. Evil Dead will be just as enjoyable, and is probably one of the reasons she’s jonesing for some more Xena action.

Considering that we can always use more awesome female action heroes, I’m all for a Xena revival that would be accessible to new viewers like myself. I know the show has its fans and I’m sure they’d cause a stink if Lawless wasn’t playing the character (or at the very least involved in the recasting process if this was a true reboot), but let’s hope that if this does happen that it’s the best possible version we could get, which considering this is an NBC venture doesn’t imbue me with tons of hope.

I guarantee that no one is clamoring for Kevin Sorbo to return as Hercules. No one is clamoring for Kevin Sorbo to even exist anymore after God’s Not Dead.

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