Oh, you’re not done with Halo 3 just yet. Bungie just officially announced Halo 3: Recon, which will be a new singleplayer expansion for the game.

Now, as everyone knows, the campaign was easily the worst part of Halo 3. It was just so utterly average and boring that even a 4-player co-op mode couldn’t bring people back to it. The multiplayer, of course, is a completely different story- but can Recon bring people back for another go?

As you can see, it is doing some interesting things. Recon will actually be a prequel to Halo 3, and for the first time in the series you won’t be playing as Master Chief. Will this make for a new way of playing (no shield? super strength?) or just be cosmetic? We’ll find out before it hits (either as a new disc or DLC) next Fall.

Wait, what? Yeah, it’s coming out in Fall 2009. Will Halo fans wait a whole year for more goodness? You know they will. More as we hear it.