It’s a slow-as-balls news day, so in between putting edits on reviews for City of Ember and Body of Lies I’ve been scanning music news. That reminded me about a story I’d meant to post a few days ago about the Body of Lies end credit scroll. (That’s how slow today is — end credit music news.)

The first is old news: ‘If the World’, the second new Guns N’ Roses track to debut this year, and a component of the forthcoming Chinese Democracy, an album I want to hear just for the hell of it. Actually, after hearing this and ‘Shackler’s Revenge’ (the first ‘single’, which bowed in Rock Band 2) I don’t want to hear the thing at all. When the Body of Lies screening ended, it took about 30 seconds of the track playing before I remembered that it was supposed to be Guns N’ Roses, and that I should probably stick around to hear it. Bad decision. In part.

Because following that is a new song from Mike Patton, Serj Tankian and film composer Marc Streitenfeld. I didn’t even recognize Patton at first, and tried to leave post GnR, but my friend made us wait once he realized that the silken voice surrounding us was actually his. ‘Bird’s Eye’ is the name of the track, and while it’s more in the mode of latter Patton stuff like Peeping Tom, which doesn’t do much for me, it’s a step up from the new Axl material.  

The Playlist says that neither track will be on the film’s official soundtrack, which instead features only Streitenfeld’s score. In the case of the G’n’R song, that’s Varase Sarabande doing you a favor. And thanks to the net (and the player embedded below) you can hear the Patton/Tankian song right now, or check it on Tankian’s MySpace page.