…or perhaps it still will be.

Put as much faith into this as you like, but while being interviewed by IGN for Quarantine, actor Columbus Short says that not only has he been approached by Joel Silver (not Shane Black!) to be part of the fifth Lethal Weapon film, but that the project has actually been fast-tracked.

That might be true, and it might not. But if that is the case, will Shane Black will end up in the director’s chair? He’s got Cold Warrior happening at Universal, and if this is something Silver is prepping to go quickly (i.e. before Mel Gibson changes his mind, assuming he’s even provisionally agreed to do it) then we might see someone else helming the pic.

That’s a lot of ‘if’s, but also par for the course for this bizarre project which, even with heavy involvement from Shane Black, no one (thankfully) seems to want.